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Forum and Game Rules

Post  TheBlackParade on Wed Dec 21, 2011 11:05 pm

First off, these rules may change, so check back often.

Forum AND Game Rules
1.) Follow the rules.
2.) Listen to Higher Ranks(In Game), Administrators, and Moderators.
3.) If you see any violations of rules, in game or on the forums, please either report it to an administrator or moderator. If violation was in game screenshots would be appreciated.
4.) Never discriminate against the Age, Race, Gender, Religion, Ethnicity, Nationality, or Sexual Orientation of another member. Even if you're just joking around about religion, race, etc., It will be considered harassment and consequences will be put in to play.
5.) Be respectful. If you can't be polite and courteous other members, simply don't bother typing anything.
6.) Don't Spam.
7.) No offensive acts such as Pornographic, Obscene or Overt Sexually loaded comments/content.
8.) Do not impersonate staff.
9.) No Map Claiming.

In Game Rules
1.) Do Not beg administrators for items, that will probably lower the chance of an administrator giving one to you. There is a reason you can hunt for items, so you will work for them.
2.) Do not complain about what rank you are. Every rank has a purpose, and no rank should be treated worse than another.(Other than Zeta)
3.) No Stealing. There is no trading system, so all items dropped in public maps, especially Default, are "public propriety" and are up for grabs. Sorry, make your trades in less congested maps.
4.) No Mini-Modding. Let the Administrators and Moderators do their job, Do your job by Reporting.
5.) Don't File Edit. Anything touched beyond personal items, maps, and presets is considered hacking.

Forum Rules
1.) Keep on Topic.
2.) No Double posting if it isn't required.
3.) Use the Help Section.
4.) Don't write things in text speak. Example: OMG, I rlly liek that idea. Can I uz it plz? Hard to read, no?
5.) Don't post redundant threads. Use the search feature.

Any Violation of the Rules will result in ban from 1 day up to a permanent ban.

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